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Click on the above picture of Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton and read our Memphis 21st Century proposal we share with the Mayor how associated with Africa can create job, culture, education and value in Memphis.  Also click on the target and read about our program regarding the Safari Homecoming celebration and how Memphis, Tennessee can benefit.
Click on the above picture to load the Video African/Americans on Kenya Safari.  Anthony "Amp" Elmore took groups to Kenya for over a decade.  Elmore's goal is to build African and African American relationships.  Elmore seeks to address the Kenya Parliament and is asking the Kenyan Government to open Cultural Pathways for African Americans to visit Africa.
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On January 20, 2012 the George Lucus Produced Movie "Red Tails" opened Nationwide in Theaters over America. While our nation is learning about the Tuskegee Airmen Anthony "Amp" Elmore asked Congressman Steve Cohen to honor Tuskegee Airmen Flight Instructor Dr. Linkwood Williams during a 2008 Black History month African Dinner at the Safari House museum.  The opening weekend of the Movie "Red Tails"  Anthony Elmore searched the governent airchives and found video of Dr. Linkwood Williams.  This video on the goverment website was almost hidden and not in format that was easily accessible.  Elmore spend over 40 hours editing the Tuskegee Airmen video and posting this history so the world can learn more about our Heroes, The Tuskegee Airmen.
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Click on the above picture to see Elmore's formal proposal to the Republic of South Africa. Read and see video.  Give the PDF time to download

Anthony "Amp" Elmore has a burning passion to bring the African family together.  Since the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade in the 1500's no African Country has offered African/Americans a "Formal State Reception."  Elmore presents his formal proposal to South African Ambassador the honorable Ebrahim Rasool.  Read Elmore's formal proposal. This is a PDF Please give it time to download.
Please click on this picture to see a Video and Vision of our proposed Safari Homecoming Celebration in Johannesburg, South African in July of 2016.
In 1990 I went to Kenya to Premier a movie I made. While on Safari I had a "Spiritual Awakening." My African Ancestors told me to bring our people home.  I cried tears in Africa and my life has never been the same.  For over a decade I took groups to Kenya. In 2011 a "spirit" got inside of me and gave me the idea of promoting the idea of African/American coming home for the 1st first "State Reception."  In over 500 years no African country has offered its African/American family a "Formal State Reception."  I took this idea to the Kenya Embassy in Washington D.C.  The Kenyans Embassy and Ambassador Elk Odembo treated me with insult and they never even listen to the idea. I then met with the Ambassador of South African Ebrahim Rasool. South Africa never got back with. Via providence a pastor from Kenya living in Canada by the name of Okoth Otura was inspired by our mission understanding that such an idea is only from heaven.  Pastor Otura encouraged me to stick with Kenya and that I should visit the homeland of Barack Obama Sr. and meet with the Luo Tribe Council of Elders to seek their support and blessings.

The story of Prodigal Son is the story of the African/Americans. We Africans in America must come home to Africa and embrace our African Family. I wrote proposal to both Kenya and South Africa. I will travel directly to Kenya in July of 2013 to ask the Kenya President to open the way. Click on my picture to open a PDF proposal download.  We wrote a comprehensive plan.

Click on the above picture to see a 10 minute video of our vision of the July 2016 celebration that will take place in Kenya

Dr. Martin Luther King would have supported the Safari Initiative. Click on the picture to view a video of why this is important.

We can build jobs in both America & Africa via trade with Africa. Please click on the above picture to download our proposal.