Background of Bogalech Akeberegn Debaye Elmore

Bogalech is an Ethiopian name that means “one who brings light in the darkness” Akeberegn is the name of her father and Debaye is the name of her Grandfather. Bogalech arrived in the United States from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2006 to marry Anthony “Amp” Elmore. They both met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2005 and traveled to Ghana together to plan development of the African furniture for their future home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Bogalech is from a now Jewish section of Ethiopia called Gulelee and her family call themselves “Falasha Jews” who live in a section of Ethiopia where craftsmen, like weavers, pottering and handicrafts are produced. Her Ethiopia family has strong associations with Israel. The Akeberegn family is a family of generations of weaving traditional Ethiopia cloth. Bogalech was a college student and worked also as an elementary school teacher in Ethiopia. Bogalech has 3 bothers and one sister who is married to an Ethiopian History teacher. Her father Akeberegn was a Navy Musician and loyal servant to former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. Her mother is a very soft spoken traditional Ethiopia woman who always wears a dress and covers her hair with a scarf.

Bogalech introduces the typical life and culture of Ethiopia. Friends and relatives have gotten to learn about Ethiopia via her traditional African Ethiopia home cooking style. Since coming to America she has worked with her husband Anthony learning the Carpet and African Import business. Since her coming in 2006 she has been a great sport of opening her entire home to strangers who simply wanted the opportunity to tour her African style home. Bogalech and Anthony agreed to simply turn the home into a museum and teach others about the history and culture of Africa. Both are organizing and African tour for the public to tour Ethiopia and Kenya with them in 2010.

Bogalech Akerbergn Elmore demonstrating Ethiopian Weaving.
Picture with Mother sisters and friend Tigist.

Bogalech and Ghana designer Joyce Adonteng in Accra, Ghana

Bogalech and Family meet Anthony at Bole Airport in Ethiopia in September 2005

Anthony & Bogalech in Ethiopia in November 2005

Bogalech wearing a traditional Ghana outfit prepared to greet guest as they enter the Safari House Museum.