What is the Safari House Museum?

In late 2005 Anthony & Bogalech departed Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Accra, Ghana with plans of refurbishing and designing a home with an “All African” Decor and furnishings. Anthony and Bogalech spent 3 months in Ghana struggling with African craftsmen creating designs to furnish their American home. Bogalech who was born in Ethiopia had never seen her to be home in America and arrived in Memphis just in time to see the shipment arrive from Ghana in April of 2006.

It took about all April to the end of 2006 to complete the work of completing the interior and exterior Africa design. In the years 2007 and 2008 Anthony and Bogalech open their home to the public for free tours, educational and cultural events.

The demand of public interest in the home and in keeping with President Barack Obama's agenda of public service Anthony and Bogalech Elmore made the decision by April of 2009 they would turn their home into an Official Museum and Cultural Institution. The Word SAFARI is an acronym for Styled African Furnishings Application Renaissance Initiative . The SAFARI HOUSE is the first of its kind in America and perhaps the first of its kind in the world.

Anthony & Bogalech Elmore pose in front of the Bamboo Gates at their home "The Safari House Museum" at 1035 Semmes in Memphis, Tennessee
Original entryway designs and art from African Countries of Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali and Cameron

Anthony and Bogalech Elmore are introducing the “SAFARI HOUSE” not just as an African Style home but their intent is to introduce the “SAFARI HOUSE” as a new American “ART FORM.” African/Americans introduced the first Original music to America when they first sang the “Negro Spirituals” later art forms such as Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock and Roll and later Rap music emerged from the culture of African/Americans.

Just as the culture of African/Americans influenced the music world, Elmore predicts that African Style will influence a new decorating and design style in America called “AFRICAN STYLE.” Anthony Elmore introduced a definition of “African Styled;” Furnishings or fashions created with dominate natural African indigenous materials characteristic of a style or fashion modeled in African ethos, origin culture and art. Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen has agreed to introduce this definition into Congressional records.

Memphis 9th District Congressman Steve Cohen pose at the Safari houseMemphis First Black History African Dinner.  Congressman Cohen Visted a 2nd year to Honor Tuskegee pilot Dr. Linkwood Williams at a Ceremony at the Safari house.

The Safari House Museum is unlike other Museums whereas the emphasis is on the “ART,” the Safari House Museum puts special emphasis on the “STYLE” or “African Style.”

Most Museums are places of Art while the SAFARI HOUSE is a place where living art in a coherent “Living Style.” Students who visit the home connect more to this living art than to most abstract art. One group of youths who admired the bamboo gates from the outside had no idea of the benefit of using bamboo for our “Green Economy or creating a “Green Job” but they instantly connected because the gates reminded them of a “King Kong” movie. While other youth may never appreciate an abstract art piece at a museum almost all marvel understand and connect with a 14ft carved African dinning room table.

What makes the SAFARI HOUSE unique and a new American “ART FORM” is the fact that the “AFRICAN DESIGN” is not just a movable art pieces but the majority of the ART is a part of the “HOME STRUCTURE” including the kitchen cabinets and bath room doors the home has over 100 carved doors integrated into the home as well as man African carved beams and moldings through-out the home.

The most unique aspect of the SAFARI HOUSE in Memphis is the fact that this may be the first “All African Style home in the world.” Thus far checking the Internet and various libraries we have not found any home in the world that is African Style that meets “Contemporary American Design Standards;” like the outdoor kitchens, master bath, bedrooms or the theatre style designed rooms.

Even Africans who visit the SAFARI HOUSE are astounded and impressed with the designs, craftsmanship and creating of this style.

The Safari House Museum is the home of Memphis residence Anthony “Amp” Elmore who is better known in Memphis as a five time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion filmmaker and business entrepreneur. Elmore who has taken many trips to various African countries has made it his life's mission to bridge the gap of African and African/American relationships with Africa as a means to heal the Global family. Elmore's African mission led him to Addis Ababa Ethiopia where he explained his African mission to Ethiopian native Bogalech Akeberegn Debay and they both married on the contingency plan and mission to promote African and African/American relationships.

The Safari House Museum is more than just a collection of inanimate objects but this venue is the heart and soul and an expression of a spirit to share the beauty of African design with others. The Museum has so much African art that when you enter the gates of the venue you can actually feel the spirit of Africa.